About us

Bum Simulator is a crazy new PC simulator with realistic gameplay. This project sends players to a modern American town, where they will appear as a homeless person without housing, work, money and food. In the role of a bum, you will wander the back streets of a US megapolis, explore the secrets of various places, fight for survival with other homeless people, animals, get food, and so on. Are you ready to begin? Then let’s go!

When you end up in the street

Once the main character was a simple civilized citizen living in a usual town. He had a house, family, car, money. But then the hero lost everything overnight. Close people took away the house and threw the character into the street, leaving him with nothing. Just like that, he was left without his home, money, car and almost his entire life went down the drain. However, the hero didn’t lose heart and continued to fight for survival.

In the new difficult conditions, it is necessary to somehow adapt. It took a lot of work for the bum to get used to a new life. Now he will have to survive on the streets of the city, exploring its parks and subways, getting food and begging for alms from passers-by. He is driven by a desire to take revenge and he will do everything to translate the desire into reality.

Living as a homeless man

In Bum Simulator, the player must take control of an ordinary bum. All action takes place in the first-person view. You can see your arms and legs as you do various things and everything happens as if you were actually experiencing it which adds realism to the process. However, there is an element of madness here since the first thing you see when you wake up in the street is the shopping cart with eyes and mouth that talks and instructs you what to do. This character will teach you where to search for food and where to sleep, how to get money and will also send you on various missions.

It’s up to you to decide whether to go on another assignment or just roam the city freely at will enjoying the gameplay. There is a lot of interesting stuff you can do. For instance, you find out that you’re good with birds and you have your own army of doves at your disposal. You can use them to fight off your enemies or distract the police while you’re shop lifting. It’s up to you whether to indulge in mindless vandalism or try to follow clear goals.

As you explore the city, you will discover lots of exciting places. For example, the sewers – as it turns out, there are rat mutants living there. You can also do a variety of things – build a home out of cardboard where it will be almost as cozy to sleep as in your own bed, brew mysterious potions using alcohol and random ingredients and get into war with bands of homeless ruling the city. It’s a great game that won’t let you get bored even for a second because there is always something happening here and when you’re not challenged to search for food not to starve to death, you have another task to carry out. Plunge into the thrilling life of a homeless in Bum Simulator and enjoy the gameplay!

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