Bee Swarm Simulator

You are on the street. In an instant, everything you had – a home, a job, the respect of others – disappeared without a trace. And here you are staggering along the sidewalk in dirty clothes with a paper cup in your hand, begging people for spare change. What to do now? Try to adapt and survive in these harsh conditions? Perhaps find a way to take revenge on the offenders? Or just stop worrying about everything and enjoy your new life, maybe even become an urban legend? After all, you can always find a job and start from scratch. Unlimited possibilities await you in Bum Simulator!


In this game you will grow different kinds of bees and ordering them to fly to various fields with the purpose of collecting pollen. Note that all bees come with different characteristics. Some fly faster, others show greater performance, there are those that can alert you to the approach of the enemy and those who can fight this enemy back. And there are plenty of foes all around you. Predatory insects will be attacking your winged charges as they are doing their job and hungry bears may try to raid your honey stacks.

The key to success is to balance the composition of your hive and make sure there are enough working bees as well as builders and soldiers. All bees also have their own unique flower preferences, and you need to consider them while sending them to a specific field. If there are more plants they prefer there, they will gather nectar much more effectively. The pollen they bring back is then used to produce honey which also serves as local currency for upgrading your bees and buying useful equipment. Play Bee Swarm Simulator online and enjoy bee life!

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