Bum Simulator

What can be more thrilling than to ride a bike at a crazy speed. Unfortunately, such entertainment is not always possible in real life. However, this virtual simulator welcomes you to realize your bravest driving ideas. Participate in insane street racing and earn points. But for this, you should be ready to overcome numerous obstacles on your way. Maneuver skillfully among all barriers and get successfully to the finish line. You will go through unbelievable tracks and live through a lot of thrills.

The city in which you have to live without a roof over your head is huge and diverse. You will explore noisy streets and littered alleys, hang around the subway and pawn shops, sleep on a bench in the central park and go down the rat-infested sewers. It’s going to be a hard life full of challenges, sometimes you will search for a bit of food for hours. But it’s also previously unknown freedom. Just think about it. Now you don’t have to get up early at the sound of the alarm clock, make breakfast, make your bed and run to work. You don’t owe anyone anything. You can go anywhere in the city and do whatever you like there. This is a huge sandbox where you have complete freedom of action.

But don’t think that the life of a homeless person consists only of looking for unfinished sandwiches left on street cafe tables, begging for money and sleeping on newspapers spread out on the bare ground. The developers have prepared a lot of secrets for the players that make what is happening even more fun and mad. For example, you can tame city pigeons and organize a real attack with their participation. Or discover mysterious sewer mutants – half-humans, half-rats. There is even some sort of alcoalchemy here, with the help of which you can create the most unimaginable substances.

In other words, you definitely won’t be bored! Every day will bring new worries and adventures. And it will only depend on you in which direction your new life will go today. The realism of what is going on is enhanced by amazing graphics, everything is depicted in the smallest detail, the atmosphere of the city is plausible and captivating. You can spend hours in this virtual world and there will still be unexplored places on the map. Start playing Bum Simulator right now and plunge into the life of a homeless person – just don’t get lice!

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